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The repurchase of credit for civil servant.

Because of their high job security, public servants easily obtain credit. Unfortunately, they sometimes go into debt, particularly because of the slow evolution of their salaries. Buy a home on credit, a car, make a credit for consumption, all acts that can lead to over-indebtedness and require a buy-back credit for official. Fortunately, solutions exist.

Find in less than 5 minutes, the best buy offer for all your credits, whether consumption or real estate.

Employee credit purchase: easier?

Employee credit purchase: easier?

In order for the grievor to comply with the credit redemption request , the credit bureau generally makes a distinction between the tenant and the official who owns the unit. In the first case, because he does not have his property, the borrower will be entitled to a repurchase of consumer credit. In the second, to the extent that his real estate can be used as collateral in being mortgaged, the official will more easily obtain a repurchase of credit by the banks.

Build up your official credit buyback record

Build up your official credit buyback record

First of all, it is necessary to build a good file. In addition to the details of the request for the repurchase of credit, all the official’s resources must be included. The bank wants to ensure its repayment capabilities and offer the best possible repayment plan.

It may be interesting to go to the agencies dedicated to the appropriation of civil servants: these organizations offer special, personalized rates.

As with all other borrowers, the grievor will be able to hire a broker to save time and benefit from the expertise of this professional.

The case of the official “stuck”

The case of the official "stuck"

Here again, the public servant in a banking situation can see his situation improve more easily than that of any other borrower. The banks will assess the financial situation of the borrower over a period of time, and if it is flawless, it will be able to propose a debt rescheduling. However, to be registered with the FICP ( Incidents of Repayment of Credits to Individuals ) file makes it difficult for banks to buy official credit: it is a file at the Banque de France and the best is, in this case, to turn to buy-backs for officials.

Criteria such as age, the total sum of debts to be repaid, current expenses, will be studied by the credit redemption official. As an additional guarantee, the FICP may also request a pay assignment: the reimbursement will then be levied on part of the salary of the employee.