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The IDM's Business Skills Census 2019

Identifying the challenges organisations face today and tomorrow

The latest insight from the IDM will be released soon in the form of it’s ‘Business skills census 2019’ report, which is coming soon. Building on the insight from our previous edition that delved into the individuals within the data and marketing industry, the ‘Professional skills census 2018’.

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The IDM's Professional Skills Census 2018

Which skills are most relevant to marketers? And which ones will be tomorrow? Read the IDM's Professional Skills Census to learn more.

“Analysing customer and data insight is an important aspect of my job, but I feel like it will be fundamental for my future – I should work harder on it”.

Sound familiar? What similar statements have you heard from your colleagues? How many of them think the same way? What can organisations do to reinforce their employees’ confidence?

You'll find many of the answers in the IDM Professional Skills Census 2018, created in partnership with Smart Insight. Investigating 33 skills, grouped into five categories – Content/Creative, Data, Direct/Digital, Management and Strategy/Planning – we asked marketers what skills they use day-to-day as well as those needed to progress their careers.

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The IDM Research, in partnership with Adestra

The state of digital personalisation in 2016

We have teamed up with global email technology provider, Adestra, to provide our members with access to industry acclaimed market research into the current state of digital personalisation in 2016.

This new and exciting piece of research has been developed by the IDM, in association with Adestra, and created by leading industry experts and respected members of the IDM, the Direct Marketing Association and Adestra.

During our research, we received some great insight into how digital marketing professionals and email marketing experts use personalisation within their business.

Download your own copy to find out our findings. With this research you will:

  • Understand the changes in data protection
  • Identify trends within today's market
  • Learn how data is collected
  • Explore the challenges faced by today's marketers

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The Marketing Team Structures Report 2017

Technology for Marketing, the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) and Pure360 release 'The Marketing Team Structures Report 2017'. The new research reveals how marketers are resourcing and restructuring to cope with the technological challenges of the years ahead.

According to the marketers surveyed, a third (33%) of marketing teams expect to become more specialist in 2017, with just 3% becoming more generalist in their expertise. However, just over one in ten (12%) of marketers said they exclusively 'own' the marketing technology they increasingly rely on, instead having to rely on partnerships with IT and external technology teams to get results. Highlighting the need for restructure and specialist skills in order to continue to drive effective marketing campaigns.

'Marketing strategy', 'Content production' and 'Customer insight' are considered to be the most important skills for modern marketing teams. The report reveals a diverse range of skills which are important to marketing in 2017, how importance varies between B2C, B2B and Not for Profits, and which can be outsourced to agencies, consultants or freelancers.

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