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IDM Tutor Blog: How to Make Change Happen and Make It Stick


By Neil Woodcock and Andy Green

From our numerous engagements helping organisations transform their organisations to be future fit in the digital world while organisations generally know what processes and systems need to change, many fail to understand how to make change happen.

Our extensive SCHEMA® benchmark base supports a recent McKinsey study found that 70% of digital transformations fail because they focus on technology and processes first and people second, wasting a staggering $700bn of the $1.3tn invested in digital transformation in 2018.

Furthermore, research published in HBR showed that companies undertaking a transformation focused on culture were 5x more likely to achieve breakthrough performance vs companies that neglected culture.

The IDM’s How to Deliver Successful Marketing Transformation course unpicks this issue using powerful research and the extensive experience of Neil Woodcock and Andy Green.

Our approach to business transformation addresses these challenges; looking at the entire business system, to make change happen, and make it last.

Starting with the customer needs and considering how to meet them profitably, we create a target customer experience.

This ensures:

  • Policies support the desired way of working
  • Business Processes deliver the experience
  • Organisation behaviour makes it easy to form agile, effective teams able to deliver the experience and react quickly to market stimuli
  • Platforms enable the processes effectively and efficiently
  • People are engaged in the design of the detail and are motivated to use the platforms & follow the processes.

Transformations have a high chance of failure if they just focus on Tasks & Processes – experiencing a 33% success rate, but a much greater chance of success (70%) is achieved if they focus both on Task & Processes and on ‘People and Culture’ to embed lasting change*.

People and Culture is mostly influenced by ‘leadership behaviours not supporting change’ and ‘employee resistance to change’. We tackle these two issues head on with some proven practices and models. We worry about task and process; we don’t worry about the behaviours emotions and values that lie under the surface.

Successful programmes deliver both the Tasks & Processes (e.g., products, processes, systems, structures) which drive commercial value and the Organisational Culture that delivers it.

The process that we’ll discuss in this course will help organisations transform successfully. It is built on the four pillars that either drive or undermine transformation: Leadership, Process, People and Operational efficiency.

By getting this right, organisations have a more effective and efficient business and a futured proofed strategy that enables them to better connect with their customers and prospects. Getting any of them wrong means risking throwing your transformation dollars down the pan.

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