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Learning at Work Week 2023


Learning at Work Week (15-21 May 2023) is an annual, national campaign organised by Campaign for Learning, which aims to promote the development of learning cultures in the workplace.

This year's theme, Create the Future, explores how lifelong learning at work can help us all personally and collectively create our futures.

Learning at Work Week is a week for everyone. Workplaces of all sizes, sectors and types run events, including multinationals, SMEs, charities, public sector organisations and government departments.

And the results? Organisations and individuals who take part report a wide range of opportunities, benefits and impact including:

  • Greater employee engagement with learning
  • Opportunities to discover and recognise internal talent
  • Addressing skills and learning gaps

The DMA has been pushing for a culture change within the data and marketing industry – towards continuous, structured learning.

Here’s how the DMA are helping marketing professionals enhance their skillsets and drive responsible business growth:

1. Digital Marketing Strategy Skills Bootcamps

The DMA has partnered with the Department for Education (DfE) to run Digital Marketing Strategy Skills Bootcamps.

Our Bootcamps are a great opportunity to get support from the DMA and the DfE, especially for small to medium size businesses that are struggling with digital marketing skills.

Hundreds of marketers across England have sharpened their skills, with 98% of learners reporting a huge improvement in their digital marketing knowledge.

In just 11 weeks – studying one day per week – you and your colleagues will master new techniques in 17 different areas of digital marketing, from data analysis and social media to SEO.

We have upcoming Skills Bootcamps taking place Online and in London, Leeds, Birmingham. Sign up here.

2. DMA Corporate Learning

DMA Corporate Learning is bespoke training and development for marketers in your business, delivered by the DMA’s Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM).

We can help develop you and your team through:

  • A skills gap analysis with our assessment tool if you’re unsure where to start
  • A bespoke course accommodating several skills developments at varying levels
  • A 24/7 portal with over 300 hours of learning material, including best practice guides, award-winning case studies, video tutorials, lesson plans and exercises

3. Marketing Qualifications and Courses

Our professional qualifications, awards, and short study options will help you build digital and data-driven marketing skills and confidence to reach new heights in your career.

We tap into the UK's data and marketing community to infuse our on and offline learning portfolio with the latest industry best practice and thought-leadership insights.

In addition to building digital and data-driven marketing skills and confidence, a professional qualification permanently changes the way you are perceived by current and future employers

Our extensive range of specialist digital and data-driven marketing courses will provide you with the latest insights and skills

4. Micro-Upskilling

In these challenging times, the value of learning and self-improvement is often drowned out by tough deadlines and demanding projects.

For busy professionals, we recommend setting aside one hour per week for training and development, which can be split into 10 minutes per day. We call this the ‘Hour of Power’.

Over the course of the year, this adds up to 52 hours – the equivalent of flying around the world or climbing and descending Ben Nevis six times.

In a recent pilot involving 150 marketers from 16 companies undertaking one hour a week of upskilling, over half (52%) of learners reported feeling more engaged with upskilling after six months.

This Member-only service contains a vast collection of materials to help marketers gain the skills and knowledge they need. To learn more about DMA Membership, contact us here.

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