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Q&A: How Victoria Blackwell climbed the career ladder with the IDM Professional Diploma


Meet Victoria Blackwell, a marketing pro who landed her dream job with the help of the IDM Professional Marketing Diploma.

The Diploma is built for marketers ready to take a leap up the career ladder, into that more senior role.

In this Q&A, Victoria reveals how the qualification helped her gain the skills and confidence she needed to make her career aspirations a reality.

How does your IDM qualification rank among your career highlights? 

The first highlight of my career was when I was given the opportunity to build my company's social media profiles while working a full-time job in a pre-press studio. After successfully building a following, I decided I knew I wanted to make the leap to a career in marketing. However, I knew I needed some training to make it happen.

That's why graduating with an IDM Diploma in 2021 was a major milestone for me. It was the key that unlocked my career change and allowed me to pursue my passion full time. Recently, I was even honoured with a Rising Star Award from The Printing Charity, recognising my achievements in the industry. All of this was made possible by the skills and knowledge I gained from my diploma.

What influenced your decision to pursue a diploma?

I chose to complete a diploma so I could learn the necessary skills to help me transition into a new job role. I felt stuck in my career without the relevant qualifications and lacked confidence in my abilities.

After researching my options, I felt confident that enrolling in the IDM Professional Marketing Diploma would be just the boost I needed. I would get a degree-level education in just one year at a fraction of the cost.

Which aspects of your diploma have been the most beneficial to you?

The course was very comprehensive – it covered every aspect of digital marketing and showed me how they all work together. I had a tutor there to support me every step of the way, including giving me detailed feedback on my assignments. This helped me improve my skills as a marketer.

The downloadable content in each module was a lifesaver, I can still refer to it even after graduating. One of my favourite items is the planning sheets. these can be used to plot campaigns and schedules, helping with my day-to-day marketing activities. 

What is the importance of qualifications and training for marketers in today's world?

In today’s world, having a relevant qualification is more important than ever. A degree or equivalent is almost always a requirement for marketing positions, and without one, it's unlikely your application will be considered.

Even if you're happy in your current job, a new qualification can help you stand out to your managers and add value to your role in the business.

Do you have any advice for those trying to take their marketing career to the next level? 

My advice to fellow marketers is to always seize opportunities to learn new skills and expand your expertise. Having a broader skill set will improve your confidence and performance at work, allowing you to go for that big promotion or take the next step in your career.

In two years, I have gone from a part-time marketing assistant to a full-time Marketing Executive. And it's all thanks to the skills I gained from my IDM Diploma, combined with my hard work and determination to put that knowledge into practice.

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