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Our highest honours are awarded to those practitioners recognised by the IDM as having made an exceptional contribution to the direct and digital marketing industry. On behalf of their fellow professionals and all of the educators and students who have benefited from their support, it is the IDM’s way of saying a special thank you.

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Professor Derek Holder F IDM, posthumously, 2012
  • George Smith Hon F IDM, 2010 (dec.)
  • Barrie Spelling Hon F IDM, posthumously, 2009
  • John Watson Hon F IDM, 2006

Honorary Fellowship

In 1994 Victor Ross became the first Honorary Fellow of the IDM. This is the complete list of recipients of an Honorary Fellowship.

Chris Albert
Nick Backhouse
Martin Baier
Chris Barraclough
Arthur Bell CBE
Drayton Bird
Christian Brann
Ken Burnett
Tony Coad
David Coupe
Dr Dave Chaffey
Huw Davis
Rinalda Demetriou
Judith Donovan CBE
David Edwards
Robin Fairlie
Mark Fiddes
John Frazer-Robinson
Judi Gehlcken
John Goodwin
Simon Hall
Bryan Halsey
Steve Harrison
Mike Havard
Nick Hutton
Trevor Hilliard
John Hughes
Clive Humby
Terry Hunt
Professor Angus Jenkinson
David Jones
Robert Leidermann
Andrew Lock
Paul McCarthy
Graeme McCorkell
Danny Meadows-Klue
Marc Michaels
David Miles
Sir Keith Mills
Richard Montesi
Peter Mouncey
Marc Nohr
Adam Novak
Caroline Owen Jones
David Payne
Stewart Pearson
Amanda Phillips
Shane Redding
Joanna Reynolds
Simon Roncoroni
Victor Ross
Adrian Rowe
Ivor Samuels
Robert Scott
Eddie Shotton
David Simmons
Peter Simpson
George Smith
Rosemary Smith
Sir Martin Sorrell
Barrie Spelling
Bob Stone
Professor Merlin Stone
Rory Sutherland
Nigel Swabey
Reimer Thedens
Brian Thomas
Mike Tildesley
Nigel Walmsley
Chris Warren
John Watson
Simon Waugh
Professor Richard Webber
Heather Westgate
Malcolm Whitmarsh
Peter Wood
Neil Woodcock
Elly Woolston
Lester Wunderman
Michael York-Palmer
Helen Forster

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